Vendor Information

Vendor Information

Vendor Information”

To set up at our shows as a vendor is relatively easy.

1) You must have a New York State Tax Number. Even if you are not a resident of New York State you must have one to sell your merchandise in New York. Many of our dealers are from others states as well as Canada.

New York State insists that your Tax Number Certificate be prominently displayed whenever you are set up to sell your merchandise.

2) Contact CNY Promotions by e-mail:, phone: 607-753-8580, or by the old fashion snail mail: CNY Promotions 3430 State Highway 345 Madrid, NY 13660. Ask for price and availability of tables at the show or shows you wish to set up at. A contract and vendor packet will be sent out to you.

Other information that you might like to know about.

3) As a vendor you are allowed to drive your car into the building and unload your merchandise. We do ask that you unload quickly and remove your car from the building so others can do the same.

4) If you have any special requirements such as electricity or wheelchair accessibility behind your tables you must give us appropriate notice.

5) Tables are 8 foot long and come in an area that is approximately 8 foot by 7 foot.

6) Chairs are provided but table covers are not.

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